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Jan Harvey

David says

I have known Jan for quite a while through our involvement in Triathlon, she is extremely passionate and dedicated to her sport and is always trying to improve. Jan first approached me about training using a power meter on the bike as she felt this was an area where she was a little behind her A/G peers. Jan did all the training sessions I set her and was very inquisitive about all the new metrics & data that training with a power meter produces which is great for a coach having someone so engaged with what we were trying to achieve. Her communication skills were excellent with really good feedback after each session which makes my job so much easier and more fulfilling.

Improvements came pretty quickly and Jan decided she wanted to use the same structured approach for her Ironman training for Bolton 2018.

Jan had a great race but unfortunately her achilles went very late into the Marathon and she could not continue, she was 2nd in her A/G at the time! It was disappointing but typical of Jan she only saw the positives!

Jan has big plans for 2019 and I will be there alongside her helping to reach her goals, she is one of the hardest working and dedicated athletes I know and she is an inspiration  to all of us!

Coach Dave

 Jan Says

I’ve known Dave since 2011 when I joined EETC when he was a ride leader and helped me learn how to ride in groups, he’s picked me up off the floor, dusted me down and got me back on a few times after coming off my bike! 

I’ve always respected Dave as a great cyclist so I asked him for advice on power meters last year, he then coached me how to train with power, I loved the sessions and improvement in my cycling so much I asked him to coach me for Ironman UK 2018. 

It has been the best thing I’ve ever done to improve my bike, and overall training, and instead of being down in the bottom half of my age group for the Ironman cycle, I was second this year with a time of 5:32 and had a nice steady swim of 1:08. Sadly it was not meant to be for me and I was forced to stop with a chronic Achilles injury at mile 15 of the marathon, I was second in AG had been going for just over 9 hours with a big cushion behind so with normal running would have been home in around 11 hours. 

There were so many positives that day I never dreamed of and that was solely down to Dave’s coaching and guidance, he is very direct and always gives a straight answer, 2 rest days a week and he carefully monitored my fatigue all via Training Peaks. I had overtraining syndrome after my first Ironman in 2013 which was awful both mentally and physically and he kept me safe and prevented it from happening again. 

I can’t recommend Dave as a coach enough! 


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