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About me

I have been involved in endurance sport for 20 years and competed in over 250 events from 10 mile TT’s & sprint Triathlons to 7 day stage races and off road marathons. I am a Training Peaks Level 2 certified coach, British cycling Level 1 certified coach and a British Triathlon Level 1 coach and have been coaching for 9 years now. I also embrace the new technology we have at our fingertips and utilise things like Zwift in my athletes programs. I am passionate about passing on my experience and knowledge to other athletes to make their journey in endurance sports a fulfilling one!

My job is to make sure you get the most out of the time you spend training. I can offer One-to-One Coaching based on your individual requirements and based around YOUR lifestyle. Every Athlete is different; I have coached - novice, ex-runner, triathlete, time triallist, sportive rider, road racer or just someone who wants to lose weight & gain fitness at the same time. Every athlete also starts from a different base in terms of experience. The training programme for a rider with 10 years training behind them is very different in the "base-building" phase to a rider who is about to take up cycling for the first time. Equally, if you are training for a sprint triathlon/duathlon, 10 mile TT, 10km run race or a season of crit racing then your training sessions will focus on different things to someone who is training for an Ironman or a 7 day stage race. BUT key elements of athletic performance and fitness do apply across a range of events and goals, it’s my job as your coach to ensure you have a programme that incorporates all the factors required to reach your goals and make you faster!

Power Meters and Heart Rate Monitors

Over the years I have seen all sorts of training methods and used most of them myself! From Perceived Rate of Exertion through heart rate training to training with power but I must say that for cycling using a power meter has shown the most gains by me and my athletes and by some distance! The reason is that the data we can get from a power meter is very precise and can be used to really target areas of weakness. When you combine this data with the data from a heart rate monitor you really start to get the whole picture of what your body is doing, particularly during testing. Of course even though the price of power meters has fallen substantially in recent years, not everyone can afford them but with my knowledge and experience using a heart rate monitor you can still get huge results and a heart rate monitor that incorporates GPS is all you need to really start getting results, the price of these devices are usually within everyone’s budget.

What do you want out of coaching?

Every athlete I have coached has seen improvements using 1 to 1 coaching. Have a look at some of the testimonials on this website, read their comments and you will see that whatever your fitness goals are Next Level Cycle Coaching can help!

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